Alex Forsyth

Good Software. Bad Puns.


I am a developer and a lifelong student.

I grew up in southern California and I study Computer Science at the University of Michigan. I graduate in May 2018. I enjoy hiking, computer games, traveling, and skiing. If you haven't seen me in a few days, I'm probably hacking together my latest idea. Talk to me about Data Analytics, Computer Security or just great products.

My interest in data analytics and the stock market led me to to invest time into a research project that uses an adaptive system to model and react to price shocks.

I am currently working for Uptake Technologies in Chicago, IL as part of the Technical Proof of Model Team. We use data to increase the productivity of Energy Assets. Ask me about my work ingesting or manipulating lots and lots of data.

Go Blue!

Development Philosophy

- Good architecture is the foundation of clean applications and scalable code. [-]
- Don't lie through your code. If it takes a string, it should take any string.
- Don't implement things people don't want.
- Have an extreme bias toward getting something out the door quickly. It's the best way of figuring out if anyone likes your feature.

- In my projects, feature implementation is data driven and the first version of anything is quickly hacked together. If enough people love it, then we'll it rebuild for scale! If not, we'll move on to something better!

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A lifelong learner with experience in Java, Python and C++. I am a full stack developer who likes software architecture, unix based systems and interesting people.

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University of Michigan Computer Science

Favorite Courses:
- EECS 482 - Operating Systems
- EECS 388 - Computer Security
- EECS 370 - Computer Organization & Hardware
Jean Fairfax Scholar
Presidental Scholar
National Merit Scholar

Delta Tau Delta


Skills and Abilities:

Software Development Github

Web Development:
HTML5, CSS/SCSS, Javascript, JQuery, React.js | Angular.js with Node.js
Spring MVC Framework, MongoDB, SQL, PostgreSql
C++, Java, Swift, Python
Testing frameworks: JUnit & TestNG with Cobertura
Environment: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Xcode, Sublime, Emacs, Vi
Managment: Agile, Scrum + Jira. Gitflow branching pattern.

Media & Data Management 



2017 - Current

Uptake Technologies

Software Engineering Intern - Python, Java
- Built a memory constant pipeline to sort, merge and injest extremely large historic data dumps. Often this data is larger than the computer itself!
- Built scalable rules engine that allows Uptake to write (and change) arbitrarily complex rules and business logic without redeploying any code. Works by compiling Javascript written rules to Java byte code using Nashorn that is then executed directly by the JVM.

2015 - 2016

Court Innovations

Software Engineering Intern - Java, HTML, SCSS, Javascript
- Commercial level Java, HTML programmer for web-based enterprise applications on Spring MVC Framework. Part of a team of 6 in a demanding, fast paced work environment.
- Full stack feature development and implementation, Implemented testing framework on main project.

2014 - 2015

Montec Trading

C++ developer, Financial Software. Worked in team of 7 to create and bring to market algorithmic trading software. Terabyte-scale Data Analyst.

2012 - 2014

Adaptive Software



+174,990 / -163,590


Web Development:
HTML5 CSS/SCSS, Jquery/JS, React/Angular with Node
Java Backend: Spring MVC Framework, MongoDB, SQL


Eagle Scout


This is a personal stylesheet where I keep all sorts of cool JQuery doodads.

Coming soon.

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